Purple Rooster

16000 Points

Use roosters to;
Combat bad energies in locations where the roads coming off one have many dead ends, shaped like a centipede.
Deter evil spirits from a site.
Help children suffering from parasitic worms of the stomach (place the rooster into their bedroom). Note that it is not a replacement to normal medicine.
Help sort out political problems, arguments and jealousies in the office or business - place the rooster at your desk.
Reduce joint and bone pain caused by power lines that look like the human ribcage which can be seen from the home. To do this, they are placed in the window so that they face the offending Sha to reduce negative impact.
Sustain good relationships. For couples, it is said that placing a rooster facing outwards at the main door will prevent your spouse from being snatched away with the rooster watching for the centipede.
For those seeking fame luck, place the rooster into the south corner of your lounge or living room.

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