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-Remax RB-T15 Bluetooth headset comes with a modern design and excellent audio quality and a good microphone. -A very ergonomic headset so convenient to use coupled with earing to keep the earphones stay attached to the ear even if you move. -High Quality Component used to manufacture high quality product. -Bluetooth headset is made of quality components that are not vulnerable to damage when used daily. Earbuds are designed to be convenient to use especially while moving, this headset is not easy to fall and remain attached to your ears. Remax Bluetooth Headset uses supreme quality chip so the resulting sound is very clear. Using a Bluetooth connection to connect to smartphones and other devices that use Bluetooth. Remax battery of the headset can last up to 4 days on standby thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology Bluetooth 4.1 - efficient energy saving feature. Frequency Response: 50 – 10KHz Charging Voltage: 5V Battery: 55mAh (Rechargeable Polymer Battery).
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The mask sheet drenched in a smooth serum with oil with the pure energy of Lotus Flower moisturizes and gives tired, rough skin a boost of radiance. Formula is without added parabens..
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Formulated with organically farmed Chia Seeds, which obtain 10x more moisture than its own weight, to provide ample, long-lasting hydration and comfort when your skin is feeling tight, dry or in need of soothing. This gentle toner also contains citrus extracts to purify your pores, while toning dry skin cells with moisture for healthy, revitalized skin. .
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