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This cleanser will leave your skin toned and bright. Rich in vitamin C, the acerola extract firms skin while gently cleansing it. .
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Moisture cover fit triple function CC giving moisture clean skin cover for long hours. Thin and fit texture gives your skin a silky texture..
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This face wash helps to attain naturally clear and healthy-looking skin by cleansing away impurities, excess oil and acne-causing bacteria. It hydrates and soothes the skin at the same time. Recognised for its potent antibacterial and healing qualities, Manuka Honey provides a gentle and non-irritating remedy for acne caused by increased hormone production during pregnancy. It effectively reduces breakouts and prevents new acne while balancing oily skin and moisturising dry skin. Kawakawa is well-known for its remarkable ability to soothe and heal. Extracts of Kawakawa Leaves have been used by New Zealand Maori to treat inflamed and irritated skin for centuries. *Safe acne control for mums-to-be *Suitable for all skin types *Anti-irritation *Safety screened for pregnancy *Dermatologist-tested.
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