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Kasy Power Bank4165 Points
-Brand: REMAX -Name: Kasy Power Bank -Model: RPP-64 -Capacity: 10000mAh -Electric Core: Polymers -Input: DC5V-2.0A(max) -Output: DC5V-2.0A(max) -Materials: ABS+PC -Colors: Pink / Purple.
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With a combination of natural botanical extracts, this product can soften the lip skin. Hyaluronic acid and sheep placenta essence ingredients are capable of hydrating and lasting moisture lock-in, while mentha arvensis extract can soothe and nourish the lip skin. .
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The pencil core is made from natural botanical grease and is waterproof and sweatproof. The pencil core is soft to enable clear-cut sketching, helping you paint bright-colored, 3D and longwear eyebrows. It features two-ended design. One is a twist-up pencil end, while the other is a spiral brush end, with two uses to take care of every eyebrow perfectly. .
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