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6 effective cleaning modes Voltage 24v Touch sensor LED screen Double layer filtration HEPA and Primary filter UV disinfection technology Intelligent voice prompt Remote control.
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Gentle deep clean the skin, prevent comedones.While clernsing.hyaluronic acid components keep skin moist,Caldosiphon Novar-Caledoniae Extract is able to gently repair damaged skin surface, long time using can restore the skin to be young and healthy. .
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Rechargeable battery with Lightning and Micro USB . - Keep your mobile device's battery fully charged with the 8000 mAh rechargeable battery with USB charging port. Supports a wide range of connectivity devices such as smartphones , MP3 players , compact cameras. - Comes with a striking design, eye-catching design, compact design, easy to carry for emergency use. You do not miss the communication throughout the journey. - Point-of -view lights are clearly visible. Next is a rechargeable battery slot USB support current emissions up to 1A for battery Smartphone and Tablet by rechargeable batteries more quickly. And the last box for rechargeable battery to store in the Power Bank to backup power through the micro USB port. .
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