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This no-rinse cleansing water gently cleanses all skin types. Its lightweight formula provides a pleasant sensation of freshness leaving skin clean, fresh and purified..
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The moisturizing cream has a breathable clear texture and can be easily absorbed by the skin without a greasy and sticky feel. It can activate skin tired from stay-up, improve the basal layer, and form a perfect protective film on the skin. It is designed for lusterless skin tired from staying up all night. Carnosine, salvia miltiorrhiza and dunaliella salina, these three precious ingredients can penetrate deep into the basal layer to revitalize the skin. The antarticine ingredient in the formula can effectively consolidate protection of the skin from external stimuli, refresh and soothe the skin and brighten up your face. .
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It represents resilience, longevity, integrity, and dignity. It can be placed wherever you need to remember the big picture. It is always welcome near the front door where it will remind you daily of the stellar attributes that you can acquire. .
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