You and ShowNearby

You can use ShowNearby on the web and on mobile, just like the tens of thousands who use it every day. Want to find the nearest ATM or bus-stop? You will get it literally at your fingertips!

With ShowNearby, you can find points of interest near you. We also continually update these points of interests and include more details for your information-seeking pleasure. These include operating hours, descriptions and relevant rates.

Location-based services at your fingertips!

  • Find points of interests near you
  • Auto-detect or manually set your location
  • Bookmark your favourite places
  • Manage and add categories on your app
  • View descriptions of points of interests such as operating hours and rates
  • Get bus information and timings at bus stops.
  • Navigate to your destination

Request for promotions

  • You have the option to indicate your preference and subscribe to promotions at specific points of interest!

Friendly customer service

  • Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions with ShowNearby
  • You will receive prompt replies with our staff
  • Your feedback is compiled in an FAQ to benefit other users

A user-focused medium for users

  • Your ideas are deeply appreciated and taken into consideration when we improve the app
  • You can see your contributions and suggestions in the app such as new points of interest – e.g. newly opened shops, closed shops or shops with change in details

Available onSearch for ShowNearby in the Android marketShowNearby iPhoneShowNearby BlackBerry

If you own a BlackBerry, an iPhone or an Android phone, you can download the ShowNearby application. With the application, you can locate points of interest on the go, and navigate your way.

Questions, Suggestions & Feedback

Have some questions about the application and how to use it? We have a FAQ page for you!

Have a suggestion or an idea for us? Just drop us an email at feedback [at] shownearby [dot] com!

We have an avenue for you to share suggestions and feedback on your experience and how the app may be improved. Our loyal users will be very happy to know that their suggestions are continually taken into consideration as our hardworking development team improves the app.

A big “Thank You!” to those who have provided feedback, shared suggestions and also chatted with us!

If it’s on ShowNearby, it’s surely nearby!

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