General FAQs for Mobile (as of Feb 8, 2011)

Device-Specific FAQs

Why are some of the bus information missing, unavailable or inaccurate? There are few possible reasons for the missing bus information:

1) The bus is a SMRT Bus Service Information on SMRT buses is not displayed as no such service is available. Nevertheless, we will do all we can to provide our users with SMRT bus information once such service is made available.

2) The bus routes may have been altered / changed In the event of road closure due to major events such as Formula One, National Day Parade etc., bus information may change or be unavailable. This is because the system cannot reliably estimate the arrival timing due to unexpected congestions.

3) The bus timings are displayed as N/A or Error In the event the bus companies decide to have new routes or change the frequency of bus arrivals, ShowNearby will need time to update them into our database, hence some of the buses may display N/A or Error. However, if the problem persists after 7 days, it could be indicative the bus company has currently not made the bus timing availability available to public. More specifically, the N/A or Error will occur under these circumstances: Error: Connection timed out / No Internet connection N/A: Not operational / Not available / Not in service

4) No bus information at Bus Interchange. At the moment, we do not feature bus and bus timing information at bus interchanges. We seek your patience as we find a means to provide this information.

5) Inaccurate information. The accuracy of ShowNearby’s bus timings depend on the accuracy of SBS Transit bus timings. A weak GPS signal from the GPS unit on board the bus can cause inaccuracies to the estimated bus arrival timings and you might therefore receive inaccurate information. In some other cases, the signal transmitted from the bus may be lost owing to a host of factors, including buses traveling in areas with poor network reception and coverage which results in you not receiving the most updated information. ShowNearby will do whatever we can on our end, but there are factors beyond our control and we are very grateful for your patience.

Why is my auto-location detect inaccurate?

There are 2 ways to determine your phone’s location:

1) Cellular Base Station / Wi-Fi As your phone is connected to the operator at all times, the location of your phone can be approximated based on the signal strength between your phone and the nearest base station in the area. For Wi-Fi, your location is approximated base on the location of the access point. While this method is not the most accurate to determining your location, it is fairly quick.

2) GPS Using the global position satellite to determine your phone location is the most accurate yet time-consuming method. This requires the user to be outdoors, manually turn on the GPS (if not set to auto), and await a signal from the satellite, which takes about 1-2 minutes. For auto-location with ShowNearby, your phone will first check if the GPS is on, before it refers to the Cellular Base Station to determine your location. If in the most unfortunate circumstances when both methods for location fail, you can manually set your location, although that is not highly advisable.

Why am I not getting any information?

Please ensure that you are connected to the internet when accessing to ShowNearby. Make sure that your data connection or Wi-Fi is switched on.

I am here, but my phone shows me that I am somewhere else?

Make sure you are connected to the mobile operator or to a wireless access point. Restart the application. This is normally a rare problem.

Do I need to turn on my GPS?

You do not need to turn on your GPS as the location can be determined as long as you are connected to the mobile operator. See Auto-location by Cellular Base Station / Wi-Fi.

Why is there incorrect information of places?

Incorrect information is the result of changes on the ground that we at ShowNearby are always working tirelessly to be in sync with. A crucial aspect of ShowNearby is user feedback, and we welcome suggestions and feedback from our users, who in turn do a huge service to the wider community of ShowNearby users. We are very grateful and appreciative of your feedback!

Why are the ERP rates inaccurate?

ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) rates change seasonally. We will do our best to update accordingly whenever changes occur.

Why are the parking rates inaccurate?

Changes in parking rates are done by different carpark managements. We will do our best to update accordingly when alerted to such changes.

What can I do if the place is closed?

You can report the place as “closed” and tell us what it is being replaced with so that we can get our team to verify it. We welcome your feedback!

Can I use the earlier version of ShowNearby without updating to the latest version?

Yes, you can. However, you will be missing out on newer and better features of the application. There might be compatibility issues with every update, so your feedback is crucial to us doing the necessary fixing. The application grows and improves with the voices of ShowNearby users!

Are we supporting Nokia and Windows Phone?

Not at the moment. Maybe in the future.

What is AED?

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator and it is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses life-threatening cardiac arrests. In simpler terms, it is built with a heart rhythm analyser and is able to detect any abnormal heart rhythm which may need defibrillation (electric shock). It is a very important life-saving device, in the event CPR cannot revive a person and next time if there is an emergency, people will know where’s the nearest AED through ShowNearby. You can visit AED-First Aid Corps or AED-Singapore Heart Foundation or ShowNearby’s Blog for more information.

Why am I seeing advertisements on the application?

There are many businesses interested in featuring their advertisements, promotions, deals and discounts on ShowNearby, some of which may be of interest to our community of users. The promotional bar is a fixed size and will not affect the way you use ShowNearby. The revenue from advertisers and partners help sustain ShowNearby and take us into the next stage of innovation and to serve our users with information of larger quantities and better quality.

What is the “Get me a Good DEAL here!” feature under PROMOTIONS for?

The “Get me a Good DEAL here” feature is for you to let us know if you would like to see promotions at this point of interest. If you are at a fashion apparel store or a cafe, and you feel you might benefit from promotions, discounts and deals at the outlet, you may use the feature to notify us and we will work with these outlets and businesses to serve loyal ShowNearby users like yourself better! When there are promotions, discounts and deals from the outlet, you will be notified via email. ShowNearby not only shows you what is near, but serves as a platform for our wonderful users to show us what they want. We deeply appreciate all your contributions and requests.

Why is ShowNearby POI pin slightly off? My location on the app is slightly off from where I actually am, why is it so?

We try our best to locate all our POIs by satellite and pin them accordingly and as accurately as possible. However, these might not correspond with pre-embedded POI icons, which might be some cause for confusion. There are times when the GPS or network triangulation are not as precise as expected due to signal interferences. This thus affects the detection of one’s location.

Why is there no AXS category?

We do have AXS and SAM kiosks listed under the ‘Payment Kiosk’ category. You can also create a custom category. Search for ‘AXS’ and seletec “+” (on iPhone and Android)at the top right hand corner of the screen or “Add Category” (on BlackBerry) to add the ‘AXS’ as a custom category. You may do the same for ‘SAM’ or other payment kiosks.

How do I add new categories ShowNearby has created for me?

Go to “Manage Categories” in the Menu >> Locate the category and add!

How do I create and add a category that is not predefined?

You can create a custom category and add it to your list of categories on the main page!

How do I send feedback or updates about a certain place?

You have to be at the details page of the place and select “Report this place”. Choose the relevant options and send your feedback!

Does ShowNearby have an offline caching function?

We don’t have offline caching. Caching is on the part of the phone. Bookmarks and maps may still appear to work if a particular point on the map is cached.

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