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FAQs about ShowNearby:

1. What is ShowNearby?

ShowNearby is a location-based information provider, serving to empower consumers and businesses with information that is location sensitive and bound. ShowNearby does this by developing a suite of services for consumers and business users.

To know more about ShowNearby, please either refer to our About page or our Factsheet.

For more information on your business and ShowNearby, please refer to this page.
To learn more about our suite of services and solutions, please refer to this page.

2. How did ShowNearby come about?

ShowNearby came about in part an anticipation of and in part a reaction to the growing need for information within localities and proximities. As people become information-savvy and develop active information seeking habits, they deserve efficient value-added information to empower them in their daily lives.

The same applies to businesses. Traditional media promotions, branding and advertising are now being complemented by new and social media platforms, in the advent of technological advancement. The ways in which products and services are being communicated to various publics are also changing, and ShowNearby’s location-based information services are well positioned to not only adapt to the changing media landscape and information-seeking behavioural trends, but also to maximise and leverage on the potential of that location-based information brings.

The first commercially launched location-based service was Japan’s DoCoMo in July 2001. This was followed by KDDI in Korea in December 2001. Since then, there have been an endless debate as to what a location-based service constitutes.

3. What is the company’s vision?

Vision: A world where people know what’s near.

Mission: ShowNearby’s mission is empower, elevate and enhance the location-based information-seeking experience of our stakeholders.

We seek to empower our stakeholders with relevant and timely information as they desire.

We seek to elevate the experience of information-seeking with simplicity and innovation.

We seek to continually enhance our products, services and solutions for all our stakeholders.

4. How is the company positioned?

ShowNearby develops location-based utilities and services for consumers and business users.

5. What solutions does ShowNearby produce?

ShowNearby’s location-based services are first and foremost user-oriented. For more information, please refer to our product page.

6. Who are ShowNearby’s users?

A ShowNearby user is anyone who desires location-bound and time-based information. Anyone with internet access or a smart phone (with data plan) can use ShowNearby’s simple service and find out what is happening around them, and what is near them. The knowledge derived by these information-seeking individuals from ShowNearby’s services, empowers them to make various decisions (to travel, to purchase, to hang out, to buy a house).

7. What are the awards and accolades ShowNearby has achieved?

ShowNearby is a multiple award and accolade winner. Our list of accolades include:

    • #1 Free App (Top 25) – iPhone App Store (Dec 28, 2010)
    • #1 Free App (Travel) – iPhone App Store (Dec 28, 2010)
    • Top 10 most useful Singapore iPhone apps – Yahoo! Singapore (Dec 27, 2010)
    • Best 5 GPS Apps – TechNama (Nov 22, 2010)
    • Finalist – The 2010 Red Herring 100 Asia Award (Oct 26, 2010)
    • Regional Selections Winner – 2010 BlackBerry Super Apps Challenge (Sep 27, 2010)
    • Asia’s Top 10 Apps – SingTel Accelerate 2010 (Sep 24, 2010)
    • Asia’s Top 50 Apps – e27 top 50 Apps program (Sep 3, 2010)
    • Top 10 recommended Apps – VR-Zone (Aug 13, 2010)
    • Top 5 Apps in Singapore on Android Market – TODAY, Mediacorp (Jun 11, 2010)
    • Top 3 App on Android Market (Apr 21, 2010)
    • Most popular location-based application – ShowNearby Pathfinder receives 5,000 downloads (Nov 12, 2009)
    • #1 – ShowNearby Pathfinder is top location-based application with 1,500 downloads (Mar 31, 2009)

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      Products and Services:

      8. ShowNearby’s products and services:

      • ShowNearby mobile application: ShowNearby is available as an application (app) on various mobile operating systems, such as BlackBerry, iPhones and Android.The app helps users to locate themselves, points of interests and their respective relevant information.The mobile application is also a platform for advertisers to raise the profile of their business and products through a suite of services which include premium listings, promotions, sponsored categories, advertisements and more. For more information, please feel free to contact us at ask [at] shownearby [dot] com.ShowNearby on BlackBerry (launched Aug 19, 2010)
        ShowNearby on iPhone (launched Jun 27, 2010)
        ShowNearby on Android (launched Mar 1, 2010)
      • ShowNearby Analytics (launched Mar 31, 2010): ShowNearby Analytics is a location intelligence tool which provides insights into potential traffic and marketing effectiveness. Its powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features empower users such as home buyers or shop owners to make better informed decisions based on information, demographics and statistics of selected regions.
      • (launched Mar 31, 2008): is a search engine that provides both mapping, contact, statistical and miscellaneous information.
      • ShowNearby Widgets: ShowNearby offers a platform for users to create map widgets for free and embed them on their respective webpages (available at These widgets are dynamic, allow for scrolling and feature relevant information within the proximity of the set point.

      To learn more about our suite of services and solutions, feel free to contact us here.

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      Partnerships and Collaborations:

      9. Who does your company see as likely partners?

      • Telcos
      • Wireless hotspot operators
      • Malls and retail shop owners
      • Merchants and business owners
      • Schools
      • 3rd party developers
      • Mobile phone manufacturers
      • Laptop manufacturers
      • In-car navigation manufacturers

      10. ShowNearby’s participation in i-Singapore.

      i-Singapore is an initiative of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). It aims to catalyse the development of innovative services to create new business opportunities, improve lifestyle choices and decision-making, and extend outreach for the government, enterprises and community.

      ShowNearby Analytics is part of IDA’s call-for-collaboration which invited companies to propose innovative services for a pilot initiative.

      11. ShowNearby’s collaboration with OneMap.

      ShowNearby Analytics uses OneMap, an integrated map platform, to create value-added capabilities.

      12. ShowNearby’s collaboration with First Aid Corp.

      First Aid Corps, a worldwide volunteer coalition, adopted ShowNearby’s PathFinder and Product Locator (using Google Maps) to make Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) locatable and accessible in the event of emergencies (i.e. cardiac arrest).

      13. ShowNearby’s participation in Microsoft’s BizSpark Programme.

      BizSpark is a global initiative designed to help accelerate the success of early-stage start-ups by providing key resources when and where necessary. This played an important role in helping ShowNearby develop its product locator tool.

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