Oliver M. Arce
Technology Engineer

As part of ShowNearby family, Oliver contributes in many aspects of the company with his years of experience in different working environment. He is also a part-time photographer and full-time human being who believes in all things real.

Oliver loves processes but hates rules. For him, life is short… so, do whatever it is that will satisfy you but there should always be processes to follow in order to avoid unnecessary failure and abuse. He doesn’t care about the designation or position but how that person gets there. For him, in reaching goals, never ever let anyone down just to make yourself look awesome. He also believes that one should always own what he did because whether right or wrong, we learn. Either way, we become better person after the experience.


  • Douglas Gan
  • Lee Changjin
  • Choy Peng Kong
  • Daniel Poon
  • Derek Low
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  • Mary Jane Tan
  • Oliver M. Arce
  • Tibay Arthur
  • Vanz Perla
  • Jeric Tan
  • Marie Claire B. Royeras
  • Ace Singh
  • Reynard Ariakusuma
  • Deepak Subramanian
  • Michael Vincent Capulong
  • Uncle Sam
  • Jerrold Yew
  • Past Interns
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