Your Ideal Partner

ShowNearby is your ideal business partner for the following reasons.

We listen
ShowNearby is always interested in fostering value-added mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. These serve as a foundation upon which strategic alliances can be forged – where, when and how our clients see it fit.

We listen to our clients’ needs and expectations, and are in a favourable position to be flexible and adapt according to these needs.

We do business with a view to providing our clients services that will help them improve and retain their competitive advantage.

We offer value-added services
ShowNearby offers a suite of services for our business clients to elevate their profile to web and mobile users. We give our clients respect, choice, creativity, flexibility and value – these form the bases for a partnership or alliance that is strategic and effective.

With ShowNearby, businesses will have the opportunity to:

  • Be early adopters of new media and communications technologies to establish and/or their respective retain competitive advantage.
  • Market, advertise, communicate and promote on new, social and mobile media platforms.
  • Transform their communication of products and services, and keep up to speed with changing media consumption trends.
  • Capture the technologically-savvy, mobile-savvy, information-seeking markets.
  • Strategically elevate their profiles in existing and new markets.
  • Explore numerous avenues to advertise and promote, and enjoy the flexible and close working relations with ShowNearby.
  • Have access to relevant information and reports useful for strategic branding, marketing and communications.

A reliable and hardworking Location-based Service Provider
ShowNearby prides itself in working tirelessly and establishing itself not only as Singapore’s leading location-based service provider, but also as a reliable provider of high integrity.

Our motivated engineers are always engaged in innovation and focused on making our services, products and technologies simple, accessible and relevant.

Our good rapport with our loyal users makes ShowNearby a trusted, preferred and strategic platform for businesses looking to advertise and promote, etc.

1 in 5 smart phones users have the ShowNearby application.

ShowNearby is here to stay and plans to expand internationally
ShowNearby is invested by Global Yellow Pages for SGD$3.5 million in June 2010, an indication that location-based services are becoming increasingly important and relevant, and that we are primed to stay as the top location-based service provider in Singapore.

ShowNearby anticipates rather than react to technological trends, and given our innovativeness and flexibility, we are in a good position as an early technological adopter and leader to elevate the profile of your business in the next communication technological age.

We also have plans for international expansion as demand continues to grow for location-based marketing and related services.

A platform to transform your communications and advertising
The new media and mobile media platforms provide numerous possibilities to elevate your business profile.

ShowNearby has developed highly reliable and competent expertise for businesses to leverage as part of their marketing mix.

Through ShowNearby, you are able to reach out to over 1.1 million smart phone users and many more internet-savvy information-seeking individuals on the web.

As a directional medium, we help direct traffic and potential consumers to your business.

We also provide consultation on how to best tailor your communications and advertising across various media for effective communications and marketing.

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