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ShowNearby offers a variety of products, services and solutions to its clients. We pride ourselves in being open, dynamic, creative and flexible with our clients.

  • ShowNearby mobile application: ShowNearby is available as an application (app) on various mobile operating systems, such as BlackBerry, iPhones and Android.The app helps users to locate themselves, points of interests and their respective relevant information.The mobile application is also a platform for advertisers to raise the profile of their business and products through a suite of services which include premium listings, promotions, sponsored categories, advertisements and more. For more information, please feel free to contact us at ask [at] shownearby [dot] com or via the web form here.

- ShowNearby on Android (launched Mar 1, 2010)
- ShowNearby on iPhone (launched Jun 27, 2010)
- ShowNearby on BlackBerry (launched Aug 19, 2010)

  • ShowNearby Analytics (launched Mar 31, 2010): ShowNearby Analytics is a location intelligence tool which provides insights into potential traffic and marketing effectiveness. Its powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features empower users such as home buyers or shop owners to make better informed decisions based on information, demographics and statistics of selected regions.
  • (launched Mar 31, 2008): is a search engine that provides both mapping, contact, statistical and miscellaneous information.
  • ShowNearby Widgets: ShowNearby offers a platform for users to create map widgets for free and embed them on their respective webpages (available at These widgets are dynamic, allow for scrolling and feature relevant information within the proximity of the set point.

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