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ShowNearby is always on the lookout for talents. (Check out our openings below). We are looking for individuals who are:

  • Competent in their respective fields (experts and gurus are welcomed too)
  • Passionate, energetic and have a “Can Do” attitude
  • Active and quick learners, aware and knowledgeable of technology and related trends
  • Confident independent workers
  • Creative and fun-loving
  • Energetic team players
  • Effective communicators and competent in English

If you possess these qualities, feel free to contact us at career [at] shownearby [dot] com and send your CV/resume, and if applicable, your portfolio, blog, video site, etc.

If we feel you are suited for any available opening, we won’t care if you are tall or short, left-handed or right-handed, have 3 PhD degrees or a diploma, believe planet Earth is flat or square… we’ll hire you on the grounds of your talents, capabilities and personality. ShowNearby does not discriminate.

We consider full-time job applicants as well as internship applicants. At ShowNearby, we emphasise:

  • Working closely and dynamically in an open and informal setting (every day is casual Friday!)
  • Creativity and a free flow of ideas
  • Initiative and self-learning

Join the energetic, diverse, multidisciplinary, multinational ensemble that is the ShowNearby family!

Update on Openings (May 31, 2011)

We are currently looking for:

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