About ShowNearby

ShowNearby is Singapore’s leading location-based service provider, serving information-seeking users, business owners and public agencies with timely and relevant points of interests across mobile and web platforms.

With ShowNearby, users can find what is near them, access points of interests and their relevant information.

As a directional medium, ShowNearby is a popular and multiple-award winning platform businesses can leverage as part of their marketing mix.

In July 9, 2010, Global Yellow Pages invested $3.5 million in ShowNearby.

The ShowNearby mobile application is available on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone, and used by 1 in 3 smart phone users in Singapore.

Businesses can run deals, discounts, promotions and advertisements on ShowNearby that are location and time-based, reaching out to a variety of publics, including impulse consumers.

ShowNearby was founded in March 2008.

A world where people know what’s near

ShowNearby’s mission is to empower, elevate and enhance
the location-based information-seeking experience
of our stakeholders.

  • We seek to empower our stakeholders with relevant and timely information as they desire.
  • We seek to elevate the experience of information-seeking with simplicity and innovation.
  • We seek to continually enhance our products, services and solutions for all our stakeholders.

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